Vizard - Instant Video Ad Maker


  1. Click on the Get button on the Shopify App Store’s Vizard App page at Vizard - Instant Video Ad Maker
  2. Login using your Shopify credentials. App requires permissions to 'View Shopify account data' and 'View products'. Click on Install App to confirm.
  3. App is installed and ready to use.
  4. You are automatically subscribed to the 'Free' plan.

Instructions to use

Let's make our first video ad using Vizard.

  1. The app opens on 'My Videos' page which is empty until you make your first video. Click on 'Create Video Ad' button.
  2. Give your video a name under 'Video Ad Name'. Choose the template according to your requirement from the given options under 'Choose Template'. You can check the preview of the selected template on the right side.
  3. Next, click 'Browse' button to choose the products from your store that you want to make a video of. You can also delete or change a product if you do not want any in the video.
  4. Once the products are chosen, click on 'Create Video Ad' butoon. Vizard starts making your video. Progress status is also shown.
  5. The video is now ready for your use. You can view it or download it and share on your social media.
  6. The generated video is saved on the 'My Videos' page for later usage.


How do I choose the right template for my app?

When you choose a template there is a demo displayed on the right side which shows how the video would come out. Please choose the one according to your needs.

Do you save the videos in my account for future use?

Yes you can use the video anytime you want in the future. We store your video in your account and unless that video is deleted by you or the account is deleted the video will be available to you.

Does the app have a free trial?

The app provides upto 3 videos for trial before you choose a paid plan. If you want to create more videos please subscribe from our range of monthly plans according to your requirement.

How do I customize my video?

We currently have great templates which automatically create the ad. We will soon be bringing the customisation options which gives you more powers to make changes in the video very easily.

Do you take suggestion for new templates?

Yes we are all ears to get any suggestion on the templates you want us to add. We will be adding new templates every month in our range which will address specific product requirements too.

What if I want to make more videos than the options available in monthly plans?

In such cases please contact us directly on our email :


You can reach us directly on our support email and expect a response within 24 hrs.